Hangar Studios Cleaning Deposit


Hi, and thanks for booking time at the Hangar!

This page further explains your cleaning deposit of $100.

We're hoping that you'll leave the studio the way you found it so we can refund your entire deposit and continue to keep our rates as low as possible. Here's what you need to do:

Put things back where you found them! If you need to move things around, remember where they are and put them back. Pay attention to where you get things like microphones, headphones and handheld percussion and put them back where you found them.

If we have to do the above things after your session, we will charge you $50 an hour to do so. If you're not sure where something goes, leave it out. If you just leave one or two things out we can put them away for you and if it only takes a minute or two you won't be charged. If we have to go through the entire studio to find the stuff you didn't put away in the right place and put it back, that will take longer than us just putting it away in the first place.

Please make your deposit check payable to Single Fin, Inc. and mail to:

Single Fin, Inc.
PO Box 160995
Sacramento, CA 95816