Does the studio rental day rate include an engineer?

No, the engineer's fee is on top of the studio rental.

How much do engineers charge on top of the studio rental rate?

Most are around $200-$300 a day.

Are there any extra fees or things I need to know about?

In most cases, no, but in some circumstances there are some extra fees, so please carefully read the section below.

There are no instruments or gear that you will be charged extra to use at The Hangar.

2-inch tape rental is $50 per roll per session. This is not per day. So for a 7 day session with three rolls of 2-inch tape, the rental fee is $150. In most cases we will not be able to hold the tapes for your for your next session, so you need to either transfer the tapes into Pro Tools(and backup the files!) or finish your project. If you need tape over multiple sessions, you'll need to buy tape:

And, when using an engineer who's worked at The Hangar several times, there are no extra fees, but you'll need to buy and provide your own hard drives, CDRs, DVDs, recording tape etc. For new clients who have not used the studio previously, we do have a few extra rules and fees applicable to your first session only.

All new/visiting engineers must be pre-approved by John. This usually just entails a short phone call so we can both make sure that our expectations are met. In some cases we may ask you for a reference from other places or people you've worked with. In some cases we may also ask to see your drivers license or some other form of ID if you've never worked here and we don't have any references.

Your first session must start no later than noon, so that someone is around for your set-up and to answer any questions.

There will be a one-time fee of $50 for the first day of your first session. This is to cover an assistant engineer for the first two hours of your session and to be on call for the next three hours. If you'd like an assistant for the full day, just let us know and we can arrange that.

New clients not using an engineer who's previously worked at The Hangar will be asked to pay a refundable cleaning deposit of $100(details here). When we receive your deposit, we will forward you the relatively simple list of things you need to do to get your deposit back.

Two Inch Tape Machine Set Up Charges

For two inch tape sessions, our default alignment is 16-track +6 @ 30 IPS. +6 @ 15 IPS can also be set up if arrangements are made in advance. We will align the tape machine to the above specs and your tape (or ours if using) before your session at no extra charge. For two-inch 24-track sessions of 7 days or more, we will align the tape machine to your specs at no extra charge. For two-inch 24 track sessions lasting less than 7 days, there will be a $200 head change and alignment fee. Please also note that The Hangar is optimized for two inch 16-track for several reasons. Firstly, anyone who's used 2-inch 16-track knows that it's the best sounding analog multitrack format ever! 24-track just doesn't sound the same. Secondly since 90% of the sessions done on analog tape end up in Pro Tools or a DAW anyway, why not get the sonic advantages of 16-track tape and then do your overdubs in Pro Tools? It's going to sound better than starting with the 24-track tape format. Since that's how things pretty much went here for four or five years, we ended up mostly abandoning the 24-track format. We no longer have a single 24 input monitoring console or headphone feed. You can kluge together a monitor and headphone mix between two consoles but the operative word is klugey. Tracks 17-24 are no longer on the patch bay either, but on a separate snake you'll need to patch from the front of the patch bay. Again, a little bit klugey. To be honest if you really want to track to 24-track tape, you might be better off at a different studio that supports that format a bit more. Alternately, if you only plan on using the first 16-track, you should be OK as well. And of course if you're ready to track to the glorious and mighty 16-track, so are we. Finally, we've had a few clients mix 24-track tapes with fine results as long as you don't mind splitting between the Neve and API consoles.

Why doesn't the studio charge per hour?

If we have days open, we can book by the hour the week of the session. But, we're normally booked out several months in advance. We are happy to book by the hour the week of the session if time is open, but this rarely happens. Our B room can be booked by the hour and is rarely booked very far in advance. This room can work for some overdubs and mixing.

How can I book time at The Hangar?

The best thing to do is call us at 916-444-5241 or e-mail John at Most of our clients are engineers who use the studio on a repeat basis and typically book sessions of 7-14 days at a stretch. We need to get these longer sessions booked first and then we can fill in the shorter sessions once those are in place. Typically, we can't confirm bookings of less than 4-5 days more than 30 days out. For shorter bookings, we keep a waiting list going and once any longer bookings are confirmed we put in the shorter bookings on a first come, first served basis. We will always give you at least 30 days notice once we confirm your booking. Weekends are almost always booked and in high demand, so if you have weekday availability that makes it much easier to confirm your booking. Once you call us and we've had a chance to discuss your project, we can usually give you a pretty good idea of when we can book it. If you're a band looking to book a project with one of our engineers who works here frequently, again, give us a call and we'll put you in touch with an engineer who can then arrange the booking with you.

Can we get a tour of the studio?

Of course. Email is easiest, or call and leave a message (916-444-5241). Sometimes we can do the tour that day, sometimes a week or so away. It depends on the sessions that are active.

Do you have a piano?

Yes. When you book time please let us know if you will be tracking with the piano. We get it tuned a few times a year. If you are concerned with the tuning, it's best to set up a time shortly before your session to come play the piano for a few minutes to hear if it will meet your expectations. We are happy to get the piano tuned for multiple day bookings that will need to use it. For one-day sessions, the piano is ‘as-is' or we can make arrangements to have it tuned at your expense.